Qi Gong



Qi gong (pronounced “chee-gahng”)is essentially synchronized movements with breath, synergized meditation and exercise. These special breathing-movement exercises influence the circulation qi throughout the entire body, thereby augmenting the quality and strength of your qi.

qigong12-225x300In TCM theory, the lungs are said to govern Qi. While performing Qi Gong, your breathing is regulated and intentionally directed. In doing so, you are recruiting the the Qi-governing power of your lungs to regulate and strengthen the circulation of qi throughout your entire being

Even just 5 minutes of qi gong every day without fail will significantly increase your overall energy and mood! The power of daily qi gong is so profound that it is used in China medically for patients with severe, chronic conditions like cancer.  So if you are living or working amidst the chaos of manhattan NYC, try infusing your day with some simple qi gong for perfect balance.

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